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Friday 16th April & Saturday 17th April 2021 

Venue: Doubletree Hilton Bath City 

The Empowerment Convention - IGNITE Live Event 2019 was a success so we are doing it all again in 2021!!!!!

IGNITE is THE event of a lifetime that will leave you INSPIRED, MOTIVATED and FIRED UP to PLAY BIG and be CONFIDENT to have the epic life and business you desire to have! 

Attend my IGNITE Live Event in 2021 - it will be a GAME-CHANGER for you!

We offer both pay in full and also payment plans - scroll down for the payment plans!



Rebecca works internationally and is a Life & Business Mastery Mentor, Mindset Mastery Mentor, Law of Attraction Practitioner, Belief Clearing Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, #1 International Best selling Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Motivator and is ex-military.

Rebecca wants to bring you a unique, remarkable & empowering experience to change your life, business, mindset, relationships & much more....



The IGNITE Live Event 2021 MC

Naomi Marie is a theatre actress, singer, speaker, model, makeup artist and an inspirational lady who  is truly going to bring the energy, laughter and passion to the IGNITE Live Event in April 2021.

(photo: Richard Hackett)



We have a wonderful IGNITE Hotel Specialist who can assist you with booking your accommodation, transport, parking & more for the event. 

Please phone AMANDA CARR on +447730036831

Amanda is an International Travel Specialist

GUEST SPEAKERS announced so far: 

Carl Foster, Tish Hawken, Sherry Cannon-Jones 

Carl is a published Author, who couldn't read or write when little and he is now an inspirational businessman.

Tish is a Confidence Coach and Author. She lives in Abu Dhabi.

Sherry is an Identity & Soul's Purpose Strategist. She is also a Former Headteacher and Author

Carrie Woolley & Imani Speaks

Carrie is an Equine Communicator, Entrepreneur & Business Owner and specialises in making Commission Jewellery pieces.

Imani is a Radio Presenter & Broadcaster and a Social Media & Blogging Consultant

Ray Coates, Lakeisha McGee & Andy Ashworth

Ray is a singer/songwriter, actor, poet, public speaker & an advocate for cancer.

Lakeisha is a Metanoia Specialist, CEO, PhD Candidate & a Licensed Minister from the USA.

Andy is an Charity Advocate for Diabetes, has raised over £5k for charity & lost both of his legs.


Lisa Lowndes, Phoebe Adams & Alison Parsons

Lisa is a Health & Nutrition Advocate specialising in Food. She is also founder of her "Rainbow Reward Charts" and is an entrepreneur.

Phoebe is an inspirational young lady who aspires to be a positive, encouraging role model for many after being bullied. She is big on the Law Of Attraction.

Alison is a Law Of Attraction Practitioner, Artist, Shop Owner, Author and Life Coach.

Your IGNITE investment is:

VIP Ticket

IGNITE Live Event 2021 ~  POWERFUL 2-day Live Experience

*Treated like a King or Queen as everyone is a VIP at IGNITE*

13 x Inspirational Guest Speakers

VIP Security-Check Admittance

Empowering VIP Socially Distanced Seating Area

VIP Wristband and Lanyard

IGNITE Live Event 2021 Program

VIP Gift Bag & Gifts

Breakout Sessions 

*Added - Covid-19 Health Temp Check etc* 

PLUS >>>>>>

Day 1 VIP Friday Evening Special with THE IRISH MEDIUM 


PLUS >>>>>>

Gala Dinner Ticket

Gala Dinner 3-course Meal

Gala Dinner Live Entertainment

Gala Dinner VIP Gift

An extra chance to mingle with the incredible Guest Speakers.


>> Day 1 << Friday 16th April 2021

9am - 9.25am - Registration & seating in the Ignite Room  

9.30am - IGNITE Live Event 2021 Starts (we start promptly at 9.30am) 

10.56am - 11.06am - BREAK (we start promptly at 11.06am)

12.35pm - 1.35pm - LUNCH BREAK (we start promptly at 1.35pm)

3pm - 3.15pm - BREAK (we start promptly at 3.15pm)

4.02pm - 4.40pm - Connecting with Guests 

4.40pm - Ignite Live Event Day 1 ends. 

VIP ONLY Friday Night Evening Special - 7pm - 9pm  (starting promptly so please be in the room at 6.45pm)

>> Day 2 <<  Saturday 17th April 2021

9am - 9.30am - Enter the Ignite Room (we start promptly at 9.30am)

9.30am - Ignite Live Event 2021 Day 2 starts (please don't be late)

12.07 - 1.10pm - LUNCH BREAK (we start promptly at 1.10pm)

2.45pm - 2.55pm - BREAK (we start promptly at 2.55pm)

4.42pm - Ignite Live Event 20201 Day 2 ends

VIP Only Gala Dinner - start promptly at 7pm - 11.30pm

Food served at 7.30pm (please don't be late otherwise it'll go cold)

includes a 3-course meal & Live Entertainment.


The Security for the Empowerment Convention - IGNITE Live Event 2021 is > "THE FORMATIVE GROUP". They were remarkable & outstanding at Ignite 2019 so they are back to protect all guests at the event. 

The Formative Group have an incredible list of elite people they have been security for including; Take That, Rod Stewart, Pink, Muse, many football & rugby clubs, and many prestigious people too. 

Gala Dinner Entertainment announced so far: 

Naomi Marie

Naomi is a singer, theatre actress, model, dancer and speaker.

Moore Beats

Bradley, the owner of Moore Beats, will be bringing the latest tunes to get the guests dancing, smiling and enjoying the end to a wonderful event. 

> more being announced soon <

We are taking care of you in every area so you can relax and know that you're a part of something really special with attending THE Empowerment Convention - IGNITE Live Event 2021.

I'm excited to see you.


© EMPOWERMENT CONVENTION IGNITE LIVE EVENT 2018-2020. Rebecca Adams. All Rights Reserved.

International Life, Business & Mindset Mastery Mentor™

Rebecca Adams

Rebecca Adams wears her heart on her sleeve and always flows in alignment through her life and business. She kicks ass at what she does, and she is focused on empowering as many people as possible to feel alive and live a phenomenal life through gaining control of their mindset and to be their true self. Her mission is to give more people the mindset, skillset and tools to gain more clarity, focus and confidence to master their life in all arenas, through aligning with their soul and doing the inner work needed. Rebecca has been in business for over 18 years and she is all about empowering, inspiring and motivating people to uplevel, rise up, be a voice and to trust the process. She lives and breathes the Law of Attraction daily and is focused on giving as much value as possible to her audience. She is the International Life, Business & Mindset Mastery Mentor™ for people who want to create personal and financial freedom. She is a Law of Attraction Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Belief Clearing Practitioner, Author, Speaker, Motivator and Businesswoman. She builds websites, creates programs & helps people monetize their ideas. Rebecca changes people’s lives through her Transformational Digital Online Programs, High-end Private Bespoke Coaching & Mentoring. She also has an online membership club called Ignite Academy which is jampacked full of amazing content. She is the Creative Director & Founder of the Empowerment Convention IGNITE Live Event which is a life-changing event with speakers, a gala dinner and entertainment, held annually in the Roman City of Bath, UK. Rebecca is an award-winning entrepreneur, #1 International best-selling co-author, and masters in mindset. Unlike every other personal development expert, she focuses on aligning every area of your life so that you can take control and have everything you desire. She is a Mum to 2 amazing incredible human beings, a Special Needs Mum, a UK Army Veteran and she lives in the UK. She loves to travel, read, listen to music, take photographs, watch movies and make endless memories. She is a dedicated daughter to her inspirational Mum Carole. Rebecca was nominated for the 2019 Boots Wellness Warrior of the Year Award and also the 2019 Businesswoman of the Year Award. She has also been nominated for 2 awards in the DIGITAL WOMEN AWARDS 2021. You can find Rebecca's website at

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to your "IGNITE Live Event" VIP Guest Lounge

    • Congrats & Welcome!

    • *OFFICIAL* Empowerment Convention IGNITE LIVE EVENT Video by F22 Video Solutions

    • Keep up to date with IGNITE 2021

    • Ignite 2019 - Host Rebecca Adams Walk On / Off Video *HIGH ENERGY behind the scenes video made by Enhanced Vivere*

    • VIP Ticket

    • IGNITE Live Event 2021 Promo Vid

    • IGNITE Event Details & Itinerary

    • REBECCA ADAMS - IGNITE Host & Guest Speaker

    • NAOMI MARIE - IGNITE Live Event 2021 MC

    • AMANDA CARR - Accommodation (Hotel & Transport bookings)

    • VIP only Friday Evening Special - THE IRISH MEDIUM

    • Ignite Gala Dinner (Day 2)

  • 2

    Incredible IGNITE 2021 Guest Speakers









    • IGNITE 2021 GUEST PANEL - Lisa Lowndes, Phoebe Adams & Alison Parsons (UK)

  • 3

    Phenomenal IGNITE 2021 Entertainment



    • MOORE BEATS by Bradley Moore

    • more coming soon.......

  • 4

    Wonderful IGNITE 2021 Family

    • THE FORMATIVE GROUP - Security - IGNITE 2021

    • Videographer - Ignite 2021

    • Photographer - Ignite 2021

  • 5

    IGNITE 2021 Info

    • Transport (how to get to the event)

    • Mobile Phone / Cell Service at the event

    • **RULES**

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