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Let me be straight with you…. You have a busy schedule, lots to fit in and you have a massive to-do list!

I’ve been there getting stressed with trying to work out how on earth I’m going to fit everything in when it feels like I have 50 million things going on that I need to get through.


Can you relate to this?


Do you start panicking and become flustered and angry with yourself or even other people? Do you start snapping as the anxiety and overwhelm starts to creep in and take over and….. you’re still thinking about all the things you have to do.


I have created this training for you….


Learn how to really “STEP UP & OWN YOUR TIME” in order to live your best life, run your business and day more effectively and reduce the stress and overwhelm.


We are going to:


- Sort out your schedule so you can have more “me-time” and focus on self-care so that you are less stressed so that you are feeling happier and your day flows more productively
 - Eliminate negative self-talk
 - Build up the faith and belief in yourself
 - Encourage you to say “no” to more things
 - Prioritise and schedule everything even moreso
 - Spin plates like a professional!
 - And much more……


You are meant for more greatness and less stress in your life!


Let’s do this!



I desire you to be in flow, in control and run your day with ease and enjoy it. To release all of the stress and overwhelm and to embrace amazing positive energy that helps you really step into your purpose even more. 

And feel good about it too. 



© STEP UP & OWN YOUR TIME Online Course. 2019-2020. Rebecca Adams. All Rights Reserved.

International Life, Business & Mindset Mastery Mentor™

Rebecca Adams

Rebecca Adams wears her heart on her sleeve and always flows in alignment through her life and business. She kicks ass at what she does, and she is focused on empowering as many people as possible to feel alive and live a phenomenal life through gaining control of their mindset and to be their true self. Her mission is to give more people the mindset, skillset and tools to gain more clarity, focus and confidence to master their life in all arenas, through aligning with their soul and doing the inner work needed. Rebecca has been in business for over 18 years and she is all about empowering, inspiring and motivating people to uplevel, rise up, be a voice and to trust the process. She lives and breathes the Law of Attraction daily and is focused on giving as much value as possible to her audience. She is the International Life, Business & Mindset Mastery Mentor™ for people who want to create personal and financial freedom. She is a Law of Attraction Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Belief Clearing Practitioner, Author, Speaker, Motivator and Businesswoman. She builds websites, creates programs & helps people monetize their ideas. Rebecca changes people’s lives through her Transformational Digital Online Programs, High-end Private Bespoke Coaching & Mentoring. She also has an online membership club called Ignite Academy which is jampacked full of amazing content. She is the Creative Director & Founder of the Empowerment Convention IGNITE Live Event which is a life-changing event with speakers, a gala dinner and entertainment, held annually in the Roman City of Bath, UK. Rebecca is an award-winning entrepreneur, #1 International best-selling co-author, and masters in mindset. Unlike every other personal development expert, she focuses on aligning every area of your life so that you can take control and have everything you desire. She is a Mum to 2 amazing incredible human beings, a Special Needs Mum, a UK Army Veteran and she lives in the UK. She loves to travel, read, listen to music, take photographs, watch movies and make endless memories. She is a dedicated daughter to her inspirational Mum Carole. Rebecca was nominated for the 2019 Boots Wellness Warrior of the Year Award and also the 2019 Businesswoman of the Year Award. She has also been nominated for 2 awards in the DIGITAL WOMEN AWARDS 2021. You can find Rebecca's website at

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