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4 Steps to Create Your Phenomenal Success | taught by Rebecca Adams

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I want to ask you a few questions and I encourage you to be honest with yourself......

Are you finding that you're playing small, in both life and business?

You know you have this huge vision mapped out in-front of you, pictures on your vision board and the ideas in your head but the one thing that is holding you back is actually yourself. You think BIG but act small and are lacking self-belief and self-confidence.

Are you feeling worried about where your next client or customer is coming from?

You are posting online, have everything set up but you're spinning too many plates, that you don't know what needs to be done first and so nothing gets done. You're posting online constantly in the hope that a client will come forward or a customer will open their purse and wallet to you but it doesn't happen and you don't know what to do.

Maybe you're scared of raising your fees and don't want to come across as being greedy. Is this you?

You haven't raised your prices in a while and you know that you should, but you are overthinking about what people will say and worried that as you raise your prices you won't get anymore clients coming to you or your products might not sell.

Are you struggling and feel that you have to "fake it until you make it"?

You may see a lot of people online sharing that their life and business is incredible and you desire to be like them. You want to earn the money they earn, travel like they do and experience the lifestyle that they're sharing but everything you're doing isn't working, so you get caught up with the "fake it until you make it" and start to share online images that you're earning lots, your lifestyle, family and business life is fantastic and you'll think that you'll attract your ideal clients and customers to you as they'll think you're successful. 

This ebook is here to help you immensely on creating your new reality and really stepping up your game! 

Let go of the "small-timer mindset" and release your inner potential right now!

It's your time!

Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams
International Life Mastery Mentor™

Rebecca Adams empowers people to feel alive and live a phenomenal life. Her mission is to give entrepreneurs the tools and skillset to gain more clarity, focus and confidence to master their life.

Rebecca has been in business for over 16 years and is the International Life Mastery Mentor™ for people who want to create personal and financial freedom, with her;

>Transformational Digital Online Programs, 

>High-end Private Bespoke Coaching, 

>Ignite Academy Membership Club 

>EMPOWERMENT CONVENTION - the annual IGNITE Live Event in Bath,UK next in 2020.

Rebecca is an award-winning entrepreneur, #1 International best-selling co-author, and masters in mindset. Unlike every other personal development expert she focuses on aligning every area of your life so that you can take control and have everything you desire. 

She is a Law of Attraction Practitioner, Business Coach, Life Coach, Mindset Mentor, Speaker, Motivator and Business Woman.

You can find Rebecca at 


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Master Your Time & Money Ebook (4 steps to create phenomenal success)
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