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taught by Rebecca Adams

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The International Interview Series © 2018 by Rebecca Adams is here!

This series is to really INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and EMPOWER you to STEP INTO YOUR POWER and ELEVATE you in both your life and business. This series idea was created by Rebecca Adams in 2017 and is a copyrighted format. 

Learn from 30 INCREDIBLE entrepreneurs (listed below), from all around the globe, who have done what you want to do or more in many professions.

Let them show you how to UP YOUR GAME and really PLAY BIG to achieve the freedom and life that you desire for yourself and your family. 

> Do you desire to stop playing small in your life or business?

> Do you want to get out of your own way and stop holding yourself back?

> Do you desire to really learn from the best and take action now?

> Do you want to attract more paying clients and customers to your business?

> Do you want to learn from people who have made mistakes and come through the other side?

> Do you want to feel empowered, motivated and increase your self-belief?

> Are you ready to elevate and uplevel yourself into the world?

> Do you desire to design your days and work on your terms?

> Do you want to learn how to work on your mindset and be the best version of yourself daily?

> Are you ready to show up and receive everything you desire?

Then do yourself a favour........sign up for this series!


You have life-time access!

It's going to be a GAME-CHANGER for you!! 

Entrepreneurs from the UK, USA, Australia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Canada and Jamaica are here for you sharing their knowledge and expertise to enable you to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY and do the thing you want to do!  (each interview is between 22mins-53mins so you'll receive over 16 hours of juicy goodness).


REBECCA ADAMS (UK) - International Life Mastery Mentor™, Mindset & Business Coach, #1 International Bestselling Co-Author, Law Of Attraction Practitioner, Founder of the IGNITE Live Event, Army Veteran

ANDRENA PHILLIPS (USA) - Dynamic Master Life Coach, Strategist, Transformation Speaker, Published Author, CEO of KeepMovinWithAndrena LLC and SHE Winning Workshops.

JULIAN SMITH (UK) - International Saxophone Musician featured on Britain's Got Talent. CEO of Julian Smith and travels the world with his music. 

ANESKA WIDE (SOUTH AFRICA) - Professional Network Marketer and Photography and Design.

LATONYA THOMAS (USA) - Entrepreneur, Leader, Mentor, Public Speaker, Author. Owner & Chief Editor of Queen B Magazine. Founder of Sisterhood Network.

LAUREN LINDSAY (UK) - Entrepreneur & Owner of Lauren Lindsay (Product based business).

GEORGINA JENKINS (UK) - Entrepreneur & Network Marketer with 15yrs experience

LORI STANCIL (USA) - MS Organisational Leader, International Life Coach, Speaker, Author, Minister & Entrepreneur.

HELEN BOYLE (UK) - Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur & works in the Public Sector.

LENKA KACLOVA (CZECH REPUBLIC) - Owner & CEO of Digital Marketing Agency in Prague. Affiliate & Online Network Marketer and International Brand.

NATASHA GARNER (UK) - Photographer at Natasha Louise Garner.

ROSANNE REID (JAMAICA) - CEO of Bee Free Marketing Company, International Radio Host, Bestselling Author & Speaker, Lifestyle Coach & Business Consultant, Founder of the BreakFree Exodus Conferences. CEO of her Retreat Business. 

ANNA PHILP (AUSTRALIA) - Actress (in many films), Model, Author, Business Owner, "Jaws Alert" app owner.

JESS TESTAR (UK) - Professional Beauty Network Marketer, Avon Global Woman of the Week, Avon TV adverts & on the BBC.

IAN REED (UK) - Army Veteran, CEO of The Formative Group (Global Company - security, close protection for prestigious clients, professional sports clubs, and many more).

REGINA CRAYTON (USA) - CEO and Founder of Gina Inspires LA, Entrepreneur,  Public Speaker and Published Author with a Microsoft Book Tour. Owner of Gina's Cuisine Cupcakes.

NAOMI BURRELL (USA) - CEO & Founder of Be Inspired Global, Award winner of the Women In Business International Award, Journalist, Radio Show Host.

DANNII MALEY (UK) - Owner & CEO of Dream Legend Leaders, Outlawpreneur and Leader.

JULIE DICKENS (USA) - CEO & Owner of JDM School of Dance, Co-owner of Doodycalls, Professional Network Marketer.

JESSICA SCHUURMAN (CANADA) - Editor of numerous #1 Bestselling books, Wellness Advocate.

TALIA McQUADE (UK) - CEO, Brand Designer & Director at Enhanced Vivere

JAMES MALINS (UK) - Entrepreneur, Public Speaker & Mentality Coach. 8yrs+ experience of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service.

LEAANN FULLER (USA) - Facilitator & Coach, #1 International Bestselling Author, Founder of Adopt-A-Mom for Christmas, Program Director for WBOC.

GEMMA GILFOYLE (UK) - Certified Life Coach specialising in Anxiety & Depression, #1 International Bestselling  Author, Blogger.

LAKEISHA McGEE (USA) - Mentanoia Specialist, PhD Candidate, CEO of Rhift Consulting Firm, Coach, Licensed Minister.

THE IRISH MEDIUM (IRELAND) - Published Author, Medium & Healer of 27yrs+

CARRIE WOOLLEY (UK) - Equine Horse Communicator, Entrepreneur & Horse Jewellery Designer.

ALISON PLUMLEY (UK) - Commercial Cleaning for over 30yrs, Entrepreneur and sales for over 10yrs.

MARYBETH TRIGWELL (UK) - Entrepreneur & Hairdresser

EMMA JENKINS (UK) - Entrepreneur & Co-owner of Organically U (an organic health food online store  focusing on vegan & eco friendly products).

Each Interview is filled with:

> 22-53mins of super advice and tips for your business.

> Practical advice for your life.

> Incredible lessons that each entrepreneur has learned along their journey.

> Personal insight into how they overcame certain things in their life and business.

> Content that will raise you up and elevate your self-belief and motivation.

> Golden nuggets to implement and take action on both personally and professionally.

> and much more.....


Livestream Videos *111mins worth of great content*:

1) How to Build & Maintain an International Business (36m 01s)

2) Stop Playing Small & Holding Yourself Back (34m 22s)

3) Attract More Clients & Customers To Your Business (41m 29s)

© INTERNATIONAL INTERVIEW SERIES 2017-2020. Rebecca Adams. All Rights Reserved.


> International Interview Series 2017 (just for you ....... 29 INCREDIBLE entrepreneur interviews)    *over 14 hours of content*

2017 Entrepreneurs *combined over 300yrs of experience*

REBECCA ADAMS (UK) - International Life Mastery Mentor ™, Mindset & Business Coach, #1 International Bestselling Co-Author, Law Of Attraction Practitioner, Founder of the IGNITE Live Event, Army Veteran.

LORI STANCIL (USA) - Life Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author, Minister.

SHELLIE SANDYS (UK) - Entrepreneur & Holistic & Spiritual Leader

AMANDA CARR (UK) - Travel Consultant

MANISHA PATEL (UK) - Jewellery Designer, Artist, Creative Entrepreneur, Makeup Artist.

CHRIS BRIGHT (UK) - Army Veteran, Network Marketer & Owner of Bright Teas

LOUISE McDERMOTT (UK) - Natural Health Consultant, Spiritual Life Coach

ANITA SISLER (USA) - CEO of The Declutterbug

GEMMA GILFOYLE (UK) - Life Coach, Entrepreneur

EDELINE FRANCOIS-DRYDEN (USA) - President at Dryden Tax & Accounting Services, Founder of Women Entrepreneurs Rock

KIMBERLEY MUENCH (USA) - Certified Jai Parent Guide, Coach & Blogger

MICHELLE CLARKE (UK) - Network Marketer, Blogger, 15yrs Business experience

LUCAS ALLEN RUSSELL  (USA) - Photographer at Lucas Russell Studios

CARRIE WOOLLEY (UK) - Equine Horse Communicator, Horse Jewellery designer with her "Gallop" Collection

KARLENE JORDAN (UK) - Network Marketer

ALISON PARSONS (UK) - Owner of LoveDucks store, Network Marketer

TANYA McGINTY (UK) - Business Owner, Sales & Marketing, and Management Leader

AMELIA WALKER (UK) - Professional Network Marketer

ALEXIS DOTY (USA) - Videographer  at F22 Video Solutions

DR MARILYN PORTER (USA) - Minister, Doctor, Life Coach, Author, The Scatterbrained Genius Coach, Spiritual life Soulshifter

VICTORIA OLANIYAN (UK) - Owner and Creator of AikoNaturals and the Beautiful Health Guide

FRAZER BROOKES (UK) - Co-founder of The Ninja Networker

DR COZETTE WHITE (USA) - Finance & Tax Strategist, Writer, Bestselling Author, The Money Coach.

ANNICK INA (ITALY) - Book Doula, Transformational Coach, Bestselling Author

DANIELLE LARKIN (UK) - Beauty Network Marketer

TIMOTHY PARENT (USA) - Co-Author, LOA Practitioner

KERRIE PADMORE (UK) - Owner of Living In Loveliness

SAMANTHA JANSEN (AUSTRALIA) - Owner and Founder of Samantha Jansen Publishing, Owner of Platform4Success, Influential Leader, Author and Publisher

LEAANN FULLER (USA) - Bestselling Author, Radio Show Host, Events Organiser.

© INTERNATIONAL INTERVIEW SERIES 2017-2021. Rebecca Adams. All Rights Reserved.

Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams
International Life, Business & Mindset Mastery Mentor™

Rebecca Adams wears her heart on her sleeve and always flows in alignment through her life and business. She kicks ass at what she does, and she is focused on empowering as many people as possible to feel alive and live a phenomenal life through gaining control of their mindset.

Her mission is to give more people the mindset, skillset and tools to gain more clarity, focus and confidence to master their life in all areas.

Rebecca has been in business for over 17 years and she is all about empowering, inspiring and motivating people to uplevel, rise up, be a voice and to trust the process. She lives and breathes the Law of Attraction daily and is focused on giving as much value as possible to her audience.

She is the International Life, Business & Mindset Mastery Mentor™ for people who want to create personal and financial freedom. She is an International Law of Attraction Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Belief Clearing Practitioner, Author, Speaker, Motivator and Business Woman. She builds websites & helps people publish their stories.

Rebecca changes people’s lives through her Transformational Digital Online Programs, High-end Private Bespoke Coaching & Mentoring. She also has an online membership club named Ignite Academy which is jampacked full of amazing content.

She is also the Creative Director & Founder of the Empowerment Convention IGNITE Live Event which is a life-changing event with speakers, a gala dinner and entertainment, held in the Roman City of Bath, UK.

Rebecca is an award-winning entrepreneur, #1 International best-selling author, and masters in mindset. Unlike every other personal development expert, she focuses on aligning every area of your life so that you can take control and have everything you desire.

She is a Mum to 2 amazing incredible human beings, a Special Needs Mum, a UK Army Veteran and she lives in the UK. Rebecca is an Empath, an Indigo Child and she loves all things to do with the moon, stars, energy, frequencies and zodiac signs.

She loves to travel, read, listen to music, take photographs, watch movies and make endless memories.

Rebecca was nominated for the 2019 Boots Wellness Warrior of the Year Award and also the 2019 Business Woman of The Year Award.

You can find her on Facebook >

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