Goal-Setting Challenge


Course description

Goals are Dreams with a Plan and a Deadline! 

This Goal-Setting Program was created and designed to help people, like yourself, to realise their dreams and to create the plan to turn them into goal so they can achieve them with fun and ease.

I know that you have big desires in life, for yourself, for your business, for your family and in order to achieve your goals you need to work smarter and more productively as it will drive you further along to accomplish your goals which will empower you even more.

Something magical and magnificent comes when the dreams you have are turned into goals with a plan and I have noticed many people come alive when this happens!

When you achieve your goals you ooze confidence, you believe in yourself and what you can do even more and it fuels you on and ignites something within you to achieve more.

You will develop a new-found respect for yourself too. It's a wonderful, powerful and amazing experience.

You deserve it all. 

How would you feel if you achieved one of your goals?

It would be absolutely incredible right?!

Once you master your goal-setting strategy it will boost your self-esteem and motivation, change your life and business. You'll be so happy and your outlook on everything will change too. 

This program is designed and created for you so you can:

~ Define and get crystal clear on your goals 

~ Master your goal-setting techniques and become a goal-setting king / queen

~ Conquer your negative feelings and thoughts that may show up

~ Strive to improve on you daily and also the step-by-step system for achieving each micro-goal

~ Be more inspired, empowered and motivated for your goals, both personally and professionally

~ Boost your confidence and mindset in order to stay focused to achieve your goal

~ Stay boosted, fired up and determined for your goal

~ Clear the past and change the future

*This program also includes over 2 hours worth of video content inside the sections*

In this program we cover:

  • Breaking Old Habits (*NEW May 2019*)
  • Clearing the Past & Reframing Positive Intentions (*NEW May 2019*)
  • This Year's Goals
  • Stepping Stones
  • Dates and Calendar
  • Affirmations
  • Visualisation and Thoughts
  • Goals
  • Vision Board
  • Word and Goal
  • Lego House Exercise


  • Each Lesson includes *NEW* upgraded videos inside the text sections (upgraded May 2019)
  • A personal message from me
  • Goal-Setting Workbook
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group (A community for accountability, encouragement, support & guidance)
  • Free updates and lifetime access

I desire you to be able to create a crystal clear plan for your goals so that you can have fun whilst achieving the micro-goals as you head towards your big goal. 

Staying in alignment, gaining clarity and being focused.

It's up to you! You CAN do it! Step into your power and go for it! 


Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams
International Life Mastery Mentor™

Rebecca Adams empowers people to feel alive and live a phenomenal life. Her mission is to give entrepreneurs the tools and skillset to gain more clarity, focus and confidence to master their life.

Rebecca has been in business for over 16 years and is the International Life Mastery Mentor™ for people who want to create personal and financial freedom, with her;

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>High-end Private Bespoke Coaching, 

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Rebecca is an award-winning entrepreneur, #1 International best-selling co-author, and masters in mindset. Unlike every other personal development expert she focuses on aligning every area of your life so that you can take control and have everything you desire. 

She is a Law of Attraction Practitioner, Business Coach, Life Coach, Mindset Mentor, Speaker, Motivator and Business Woman.

You can find Rebecca at www.rebeccaadamsbiz.com 


Please follow the instructions inside the program once you have made payment.

Any queries please email > rebeccaadamsbiz@btinternet.com